Scottish Programming Languages Seminar

Wednesday, 22nd November 2023

The Scottish Programming Languages Seminar (SPLS) Series is an informal meeting of the Scottish Programming Languages Institute (SPLI) Community for discussing anything related to programming languages.

This edition of SPLS will be hybrid and is organised by the MSP Group of the Department of Computer & Information Sciences at University of Strathclyde.

We will be physically located in the McCance Building, room MC301 at the University of Strathclyde for the main event. Note that the PhD Event in the morning will be held in room MC316. Accessibility information is available here.

For online participants we will stream the talks using YouTube.

We kindly acknowledge the continuing sponsorship of the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA).



COVID Information


10:00—12:00    PhD EVENT (MC316)

In-person event for PhD students in MC316.
  • 10:00 - 10:30    Coffee and welcome
  • 10:30 - 11:30    University and SPLI presentation
  • 11:30 - 12:00    Live Q&A

12:00—13:00    Lunch (MC301)

13:00—14:00    Session 1: Behaviour (MC301)

13:00—13:30 Ross Horne (University of Strathclyde) Reasoning about Privacy using Bisimilarity Congruences (Video)
13:30—14:00 Danel Ahman (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) When programs have to watch paint dry (Video)

14:00—14:30    Coffee

14:30—16:00    Session 2: Datatypes (MC301)

14:30—15:00 Vikraman Choudhury (University of Glasgow) An abstract look at commutativity (Video)
15:00—15:30 Anton Lorenzen (University of Edinburgh) The Functional Essence of Imperative Binary Search Trees
15:30—16:00 Joseph Eremondi (University of Edinburgh) Coverage Semantics for Dependent Pattern Matching (Video)

16:00—16:30    Coffee

16:30—17:30    Session 3: Well-scoped (MC301)

16:30—17:00 Cristina Matache (University of Edinburgh) Scoped effects as parameterized algebraic theories
17:00—17:30 Jan van Brügge (Heriot-Watt University) A new framework for defining binding-aware datatypes (Video)

17:30—late    Dinner/Pub


The University of Strathclyde is located a short (five minutes) walk from Glasgow Queen Street, heading east from the City Centre. Glasgow Central Station is 15 minutes away. The University provides travel information including maps and directions.

The McCance Building on the map (larger version):

Organising Committee

Should you have comments or queries about the event please contact one of the organisers: